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Alex brings the perfect combination of intelligence, organization, and personality to the workplace … She is one of the most outstanding teachers I have worked with in my nineteen years in education.

– Richard NiesMiddle School Vice Principal, United World College of Southeast Asia

Alex is the anchor of our collaborative team. She provides the perfect balance of communication, decision-making and action, all focused on what is best for student learning. She is a natural leader and an exceptional colleague.

– Kristin Mikulka, Educator, United World College South East Asia

She] has a positive attitude that is infectious, an outstanding rapport with students and staff, she is a role model for her students, and she is an excellent teacher.

– Cassandra Schug, Principal, West Bend East High School

Alex doesn’t just teach students, she transforms their thinking about themselves, their community and the world” 

– Mike Johnston, Middle School Principal, United World College of Southeast Asia

Alex is an excellent example of a 21st century teacher. She’s collaborative, innovative and a risk taker. Alex embodies our mission of inspiring students..a rising star!!

– Mike Martell, Director, Colegio Internacional Puerto la Cruz

Her organization, presentation, and rate of success could only be outdone by her enthusiasm.

– David Christenbury, Principal, Korea International School

[Her] presentation was viewed by faculty as by far the most successful training they had received on [curriculum mapping].

– Craig Randall, Associate Principal, Korea International School

From the minute we all met Mrs Wenzel, the parents of our class, which includes families from all round the world and every religion, all said we wish we had had her as our teacher when we were in school … She makes learning fun! Which is what every parent wants for their child.

– Cheryl Scollay, Parent, United World College South East Asia