IMG_3906Why Educate for Sustainability?

Using what I have learned over 10 years of change work in schools as well as my training through Compass Education, I assist school and school districts in discovering what many educational institutions all over the world have found:  Education for Sustainability stimulates and sustains whole school improvement.

I focus on professional training and tools schools and educators can use to develop ways of thinking implicit in the development of critical thinking, creativity and collaboration amongst young people.  I emphasize systems thinking, project based learning, and cross-curricular connections in the context of meaningful, real issues that students can grasp.

This has the effect of increased student learning and engagement as well as a transformation in the culture of schools.  I aim to bridge the shift from what we do in schools to why we do it.

Depending on the needs of the schools I work with I provide professional training and coaching, assist school leaders in developing a strategic plan, and help review and innovate the curriculum.


Professional Training:

Through an inspiring, engaging and collaborative format, we investigate the following questions

  • What is Sustainability?
  • Why Educate for Sustainability?
  • What are other schools doing?
  • How can we do it?

Participants leave with a positive outlook on the urgent sustainability issues we are facing and the ability of education to greatly impact our future.  Tailored to the needs of different audiences, we look at success stories and tools that aid in the transformation of classrooms, curriculum, and schools.

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